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NEEV-SAT 2014 Rankers ! Congratulations.

Class VI Moving – Aditya Dorlikar (Rank 1), Rohan Kashikar (Rank 1), Radhika Rathi (Rank 2), Sarthak Wankhede (Rank 3)

Class VII Moving – Shlok Ingle (Rank 1),Ved Kathale (Rank 2), Ojas Mutyalwar (Rank 3)

Class VIII Moving – Akash MItkari (Rank 1),Neha Bhagwatkar (Rank 2), Rugvedi Shirpurkar (Rank 3)

Class IX Moving – Maitryee Bhalme (Rank 1), Atharva Sarode (Rank 2), Manasi Mete (Rank 3)

Class X Moving – Sumit Bhutada (Rank 1),Kartik Umate (Rank 2), Yash Khasbage (Rank 3)


About Neev Foundation

Its all about nurturing the Young ones with Systematic and simplified approach.


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