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Class V- X – Live Online Programs (2021-22)

Neev is proud to announce the Live Online classes (Class V to X ) for the young and enthusiastic, self motivated learners specially from Maharashtra . These online quality non- routine programs will encourage their learning further giving an edge to preparation of IIT-JEE/NEET/NDA and other examinations in future.

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NTSE Stage 2 Examination(2019-20) is rescheduled !

NCERT has recently rescheduled the NTSE Stage 2 Examination(2019-20) as it is overlapping with International Olympiads dates .

Now the NTSE Stage 2 examination will be held on 14th Feb 2021.

Class XI and XII – IOQA, IOQB, IOQC and IOQP Enrolment reopened

In view of a large number of requests to extend the period of enrolment for the Indian Olympiad Qualifier (IOQ) 2020-21 examination scheduled to be held on Feb 6 and 7, 2021, it is decided to reopen the enrolment for IOQ in Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry and Physics only from December 12 to December 21, 2020. Please visit and enrol.

Please note the following in this regard:

  1. Enrolment for IOQ in Mathematics and Junior Science (both scheduled to be held on January 17, 2021) is CLOSED. No new enrolments will be possible for these subjects.
  2. Students who have already enrolled in IOQ are NOT permitted to change their enrollment details or subjects.

NTSE Stage 2 examination (2019-20) date announced.

NCERT has announced the NTSE stage 2 examination (2019-20) recently for Class X. The examination is pending from last Jun 2020 due to ongoing pandemic.

NTSE Stage 2 exam (2019-20) will be conducted on 7th Feb 2021.

Class X – NTSE Stage 1 (Maharashtra) Answer Key will be made available here after 5pm.

Class X – NTSE Stage 1 (Maharashtra) Answer key will be made available here after 5pm with probable cut-off for 2020-21 and last years cut-off.

Mental Ability Test (MAT) -Answer Key

Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) – Answer Key

Previous Year 2019-20 Cut-off of NTSE Stage 1 (Maharashtra)

GENERAL  – 177.75 Marks


SCHEDULED CASTE (SC) – 147.48 Marks

SCHEDULED TRIBES (ST) – 131.97 Marks

Previous Year 2018-19 Cut-off of NTSE Stage 1 (Maharashtra)

GENERAL  – 170.03 Marks


SCHEDULED CASTE (SC) – 144.28 Marks

SCHEDULED TRIBES (ST) – 131.34 Marks

Class X NTSE Stage 1 – Last Minute Tips to ace level 1 exam !

NTSE Stage 1 for Class X (Maharashtra) will be conducted on Sun 13th Dec 2020 at different centers across Maharashtra. Due to ongoing Pandemic situation and schools closed , students have prepared this examination fully based on Online studies.

Tips for MAT (Mental Ability Test)

  • Initially Solve questions based on water image, mirror image, folding of paper, Venn diagrams, Syllogism are relatively easy. This will give you enough confidence.
  • After that you should target questions based on blood relation, direction test, ranking test.
  • Finally move on to the questions based on number series, analogy based on numbers and classification. There can be a mix of easy, moderate and difficult questions on these topics. So, if you are able to understand the patterns in one go, solve immediately otherwise leave them for the end as it can be time-consuming and may cause unnecessary pressure.

Tips for SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test)

  • Start with Social Science or Biology section in order to save time and avoid pressure. Maintaining a good speed and accuracy in these sections will help you save time for calculation based questions of Mathematics.
  • Try to complete theoretical questions of Social Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and direct questions of Mathematics in 60-70 minutes. This way you will get sufficient time for difficult questions of Mathematics or lengthy calculation-based questions from Physics or Chemistry, if any (around 20-30 in number). Attempt these lengthy and trickier questions towards the end.

Final Words

  • Sometimes, in both MAT & SAT, use of elimination method comes quite handy to get the correct answer. Apply it wherever necessary.
  • Always keep filling the OMR at regular intervals instead of keeping it for the last.
  • Since there is no negative marking in NTSE Stage-I, do not leave any question unanswered. However, before guessing answer to any of the questions, ensure the same as per the marking scheme, as sometimes certain States may change the marking scheme.

Having said that, a good speed and accuracy plays an important role when it comes to competitive examinations. All the Best!

All the Best  and Good Luck !

Check here probable Answer Key after 5 pm on Sun 13 Dec 2020.

Dr Homi Bhabha Bal Vaidyanik Examination dates Announced !

Dr Homi Bhabha Bal Viadyanik Examination to be conducted Online on 14th Jan 2021 (Class VI) and 24 Jan 2024(Class IX) . Registration process to begin from 16 th Dec 2020. Other details are awaited.

Join Neev’s online Test Series for Dr Homi Bhabha Bal Vaidyanik Examination for Class 6 & 9. The test series covers Previous Test Papers with solutions.

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