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NEEV-SAT2014 Answer Key for-Class X Moving

NEEV-SAT2014 Answer Key for-Class X Moving

NEEV-SAT2014 Answer Key for Class IX Moving

NEEV-SAT2014 Answer Key for Class IX Moving

NEEV-SAT Answer Key will be uploaded after 4pm.Happy waiting !

Parents role in Managing Examination Stress


Parents have the greatest Role to play in helping Children cope up with their Examination Stress, since they have a better one-on-one opportunity with them. Their Support and right guidance can ensure that the children don’t crumble under the pressure. Examinations are a menace only for the unprepared.

Some tips :

1. Keep a copy of the examination timetable in hand. Make sure you are aware of your Child’s next examination.

2. Make sure that the children get a well-rounded and balanced meal at least four to five  times a day, so that they have enough strength and stamina to study beside alertness.

3. Don’t isolate your child thinking that he/she should not be disturbed. That is true to a certain extent but it is equally important for them to mix up with their peers and other people around to keep their spirits high.

4. A final checklist should be made each morning before you leave home that your son or daughter is fully prepared for the day’s exams.

5. Help your child review his/her next paper. Ask him a few questions like “What are the important topics?” “How is your preparation?” “What sort of questions might be asked?” etc.

6. Ensure your child maintains a proper balance between his studies and leisure. You should encourage them to avoid Late-night study sessions but if they feel they can study best during those late hours, allow them.

7. A good night’s sleep always improves examination performance.

8. Negative pressure from parents adds to the examination stress. Parents who want to help children handle exam stress need to learn how to encourage them right. Just gentle, not overt support would be good.

9. Finally keep Calm and Trust your Child’s Preparation.

Wish u all the Best !



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Listen to your inner genius……..

Listen to your inner genius........

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Make ur life inspiring...........

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Go left....

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You are not defeated..

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Dream Big !

NEEV-SAT 2014 on 23rd Feb 2014

NEEV Scholarship cum Aptitude Test for Admissions to Foundation Program is on 23rd Feb 2014.Center: New Arts College,Wardha.          Timings : 10.30 am



#JEE/NEET Foundation Programs (Class 5 to 10)

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